Our story

ARNE B.V. is a medical device company located in the Netherlands. 

ARNE is introducing breakthrough medical software and - devices for the hospital markets, focusing on neonatal care, that improve procedural performance, workflow and training, resulting in advantageous outcomes for patients and caregivers in the delivery room environment.

Our unique vison at at ARNE consists of developing products that improve focus, and provide clear guidance and support, aiming to reduce cognitive workload and mistakes during newborn life support procedures resulting in better results and patient outcomes.

Based on an invention of dr. Tim Antonius, Neonatologist at the Radboud UMC in The Netherlands, ARNE B.V. introduced the first ever Clinical Decision Support System for newborn life support procedures, called ARNE. This device combines in an innovative way the International Newborn Life Support guidelines with real-time vital signs parameter readings of the newborn baby. The ARNE device is designed for real-life resuscitation procedures as well as training and simulation scenarios.

With over 30 years of experience we gathered thorough knowledge of the Medical Device industry. We are delivering direct services such as sales and support in several European markets and work with distributors in markets where we don’t have a direct distribution.