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Augmented reality in neonatology

At ARNE we strongly believe in combining acute patient data with treatment protocols. These non-invasive methods don’t burden patients and improve treatment outcome. By treating a patient optimally in the acute stage we are able to decrease costs and improve patient outcome.

Birth is an inherently complex process. In at least 10% of the cases the newborn needs to be supported in breathing, and in 1% of the cases even major interventions are required to survive. In neonatology, pediatrics, anesthesia and gynecology, people have to deal with these kinds of critical situations in which complex choices have to be made very quickly with regard to the treatment options of the newborn. For these types of complications, the Newborn Life Support (NLS) protocol has been developed at a global level to encourage a consistent approach, also known as the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP). However, this is a complicated protocol that only exists as a PDF or paper version - there is absolutely no time to browse through it at critical moments. The complexity of the situation and the obvious stressors mean that in up to 55% of the cases mistakes are made that can lead to serious complications and even death for the baby. This problem occurs in all places where babies are born.

We are developing a solution in the form of ARNE (Augemented Reality in NEanotology).