Arne NLS Advisor


The international Newborn Life Support guidelines are designed to get the best outcomes for resuscitation procedures, directly after birth for premature babies.

Adherence to these guidelines, following all steps in the right order and on time, is critical and may determine survival chances of the newborns.

The all-new ARNE NLS Advisor is a Clinical Decision Support System (CDDS) for Neonatologists and Pediatricians, designed to assist during newborn life support procedures, aiming to reduce cognitive load, avoid mistakes, and improve focus in these complex, stressful and time sensitive situations.

The ARNE NLS Advisor uses sophisticated algorithms, processing four vital sign parameters of the newborn baby in real-time: heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiration rate and temperature. Combining these vitals with all steps of the complex International Newborn Life Support protocol. At the same time, keeping track of timing and presenting the most important info audio visually on the device interface. Guiding the delivery room team through all steps of the NLS protocol,

This unique and powerful ARNE NLS Advisor for real-life newborn life support is the first ever clinical decision support system, especially designed for resuscitation procedures in Neonatal care.

Product characteristics of the ARNE NLS Advisor:

  • Providing real time, clear audio and visual cues for Newborn Life support protocol guidance.
  • Combining the real time vital parameters of the newborn baby to the NLS protocol.
  • Tracking time; combining total elapsed time and interval timing as well, to the NLS protocol.
  • Presenting, automatically calculated, medication dose, infusion volumes, tube size, based on newborn age and weight.
  • Medical grade, fan-less 11.6-inch, slim, flat panel device with intuitive touchscreen interface and swappable batteries.
  • ARNE NLS Advisor can be easily mounted via VESA MIS-D standard.
  • The ARNE NLS Advisor connects to many widely used patient monitoring systems in the delivery room, like; Masimo, Dräger, Philips and GE Health-care.
  • Offering Training Modus functionality to use the ARNE NLS Advisor for NLS training and simulation.
  • The ARNE NLS Advisor can used together with the ARNE Vitals Signs Simulator for simulation NLS training.