ARNE Vital Signs Simulator*)


Repeated training and simulate real-life resuscitation scenarios are key to improve the skills of your delivery room team, quality of care and outcomes of the life support procedures, directly after birth.

In order to ensure the best possible training for performing Newborn Life Support procedures in the delivery room, ARNE has developed the ARNE Vital Signs simulator.

The ARNE Vital Signs Simulator is designed for NLS training and simulation when using the ARNE NLS Clinical Decision Support device, simulating real-life Neonatal Vital signs scenarios. The software mimics all vital sign readings, which can be set and changed by the NLS-instructor, or simply using one of the preprogrammed vital sign scenarios.

Aiming to reduce mistakes and missed steps during these procedures, improve skills and optimize coherence between training and real-life Neonatal resuscitation procedures.

The ARNE Vital Signs Simulator is an easy-to-use web-based application. Simply connect any computer with internet access to the ARNE NLS Advisor, via a tethered cable connection. Offering NLS instructors, resuscitation professionals and delivery room teams a strong and functional tool to help simulate real-life vital sign scenarios during NLS trainings.


Product characteristics of the ARNE Vital Signs Simulator application:

  • Ease to use vital signs simulator software application.
  • Fully adjustable vital signs readings.
  • Realistic audio-visual patient monitor interface design; full-color, real plethysmographs, alarms and graphics.
  • Pre-programmed Neonatal vital sign readings scenarios.
  • Simulates Neonatal vital signs reading during NLS training.
  • Inputs vital signs readings to the ARNE Neo Life support device to mimics real-life Newborn life support scenarios for NLS training purposes.
  • ARNE Neo Vital Signs Simulator Software application is web-based and runs on a MS Windows pc as on a MacOS computer as well.
  • Uses RS323 or LAN cabled data connection.

*) The ARNE Vital Signs Simulator will be launched soon