We are developing a solution in the form of ARNE (Augmented Reality in NEanatology).

ARNE is a Physician Support System for neonatologists and pediatricians that provides treatment support for neonatal complications. It is an algorithm that monitors the baby’s vital parameters in real time (heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiration and temperature), records (audio) input from the doctor and processes this data in the complex NLS protocol. On the basis of this, essential information is presented audiovisually on a monitor. This is the first physician support system that processes and uses real-time clinical parameters and physician / nurse input to effectively indicate the next treatment step. Moreover, there are no systems that clearly display the data and next steps in such a non-intrusive way.


Improved survival rate

Based on the first study, we can say with certainty that the error rate decreases, and the number of missed steps decreases. Resuscitation will also be faster, and the correct steps will be taken in good time. The assumption is therefore that survival will improve and very importantly, that the quality of survival will also be higher. Especially the babies who survive with many residual symptoms are very expensive for the community for the rest of their lives.

This is a breakthrough in the current way of working.

In this case, a checklist cannot suffice because there is no time and because the treatment depends on the clinical parameters. The integration of all information (IT technology) is indispensable for this.

In the resuscitation room near the delivery room, the ARNE device is mounted on the resuscitation trolley, making everything visible to the whole team.